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Vova Azarov (officially - Vladimir Sergeyvich Azarov) - A versatile personality as Maslow would say. He is positive minded, energetic with attention to detail and with a sense of borderline between humour and satyr. 

"My main advantages are my communication skills, my faithful love for people and that I am a producer for good mood."

To perform on stage, make presentations, interview people and host events is his passion, because he likes to gift joy to people, positive emotions, lift mood and to guarantee recreation for your soul.

It is important to note, that his carelessness and ease in his conversations as a showmen absolutely do not interfere with his activity as a businessman and always achieves his targets.

A little bit about myself:

I communicate easily using Russian, Latvian and English, but understand French.

I am keen on music, horse riding, swimming, sailing and meditation.

My mission is to gift people positivity through communication and interactions.

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