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Vova Azarov Arturs Gasparjans

Artur Gasparyan


An interview with a famous journalist, music critic, publicist and TV host. Artur Gasparyan took part in programs, such as: Echo Moscow, NTV, Vesti FM and many more.

Raimonds Vejonis

(Latvian President)

Raimonds Vējonis Vova Azarovs
Вова Азаров Вера Брежнева.jpeg

Vera Brezhneva


One of the most famous ladies in the Russian showbiz. Vera Brezhneva was active as an actor in movies, such as: “Yelki” and “Love in the city”. She achieved her fame as a singer while she was part of the group “VIA Gra”



The group Uma2rman is one of the most recognizable and famous groups in Russia with huge fan base around the world. They received quite a few awards, such as: “Muz-TV”, “Golden gramophone” and the MTV RMA.

Настя Каменских.jpeg

Nastya Kamenskih


A prominent singer from Russia with listeners in Russian speaking countries. She became famous thanks to the RnB duet “Potap and Nastya”. Also, Nastya Kamenskih is one of the judges on “X-Factor” Ukraine.



A Kazakh-Russian group established in 1987, which still exists till now, but the members changed since then. On the photo (left to right) is Vladimir Mikloshich, Katy Topuria, Beygaly Serkebaev.

А студио.jpeg
андрей Макаревич.jpeg

Andrei Makarevich


A man, who does not need an introduction. Andrew Makarevich is a musician, TV-Host, Businessman, Actor, Artist and much more. He is a multi-faceted artist and also co-owns a dental clinic and other ventures.

Emin Agalarov


Emin Agalarov is a singer, but also a businessman. He is the vice-president of the “Crocus Group”, which owns shopping malls “Vegas”, expo centers “Crocus Expo” and concert halls “Crocus City Hall”. He received several awards as a singer: “Muz-TV”, “Music Box”, “Golden Gramophone” and many more.

Емин Агаларов.jpeg

Intars Busulis


Intars Busulis is not only known in Latvia, but also in Russia. In the beginning of 2014 he started to collaborate with Elena Vaenga. Also Intars took part in the show “Voice” on channel one.

Aleksandr Dobrovinsky


A well known Lawyer with his own law firm “Aleksandr Dombrovsky and partners”. According to Interfax, he is famous for representing big businessmen, Politicians, People from the showbusiness, sportsmen and artists in sensational lawsuits.

Tina Karol


A national artist and singer from Ukraine. She was awarded as the best Ukrainian singer in 2014, 2015 and 2018. Also, she is a mentor and trainer in “The Voice kids” Ukraine.

Maks Barskih


A Ukrainian artist, composer and author. He also won awards, such as: “MTV Europe Music Awards”, “Muz-TV” and “Golden Gramaphone”.

His single “Tumany” is a hit and won the “Single of the year” award.

Макс Барских.jpeg
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