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Vova Azarov – A bright and energetic host, who easily speaks Latvian, Russian and English (a little bit of French and Spanish).


Not only I’m offering you my services as a host for your events, but also me and my team are ready to organize your event, which includes all technical equipment and capturing everything on photo and video.

Detailed information about all services, you can find below:

  • Event host

Corporate events

Organization of company events, which are meant only for company staff (Birthdays, Staff parties and general celebrations), for business partners or/and clients. In general, the events are organized for 60-150 people.

To achieve the desired result, we agree on the script, budget and if necessary artists and technical equipment.


Events, which include: Product presentations, store openings and advertising products. Most of the work happens with the client and the audience. If necessary, me and my team will provide the technical equipment and also organise a musical background.


Vova Azarov is a cool and energetic host, who brings a joyful and bright atmosphere to your wedding. You can have a traditional wedding or in a modern and innovative way. Before the wedding we discuss the style, traditions, talk about all ideas, create a script and cheerfuly celebrate your wedding.

Interesting ideas, games and joy is guaranteed


Birthdays, celebrations for children and other events (hosting and organization)


Organising and performing on on public events and concerts with a vast audience.

  • Organisation of celebrations

Staff & corporate parties

Together with my professional team, we offer to organise your event with all technical necessities and the selection of artists, which will meet your expectations and budget.

  • Broadcasting

Все Всегда Везде

The entertaining program «Все Всегда Везде» is one of Vova Azarovs projects, which means that he has a vast experience and interest to work in front of cameras and to live broadcast or record shows. Vova Azarov also offers his services as a live broadcaster or video host. There is a major experience working with Laima Vaikule at her own festival, also hosting the entertaining and informative program “Все Всегда Везде”, and interviewing stars & famous people.

  • Video

Photo and Video Services

Host Vova Azarov is working with many photographers and videographers, which will create a picturesque and qualitative memory from your event.

Advertisement solutions

Social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte are one the most powerful and effective advertisement instruments so far. Vova Azarov and his team «Все Всегда Везде» are ready to help you to find a solution and create awesome, and interesting videos for an appealing price.

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